JBL VTX A12W Loudspeaker

by Frank Hammel
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JBL VTX A12W Loudspeaker
JBL VTX A12W Loudspeaker

Featuring wide 120-degree dispersion, JBL's VTX A12W expands the VTX A Series family. A new HF section combines the HF phase plug and waveguide into one part, for reduced distortion. The Radiation Boundary Integrator sums four 5.5-inch cone mids into the HF waveguide, while a 12-inch neodymium woofer has a dual-voice coil/dual-magnet design. For fast deployment, arrays are stacked four per vertical transporter cart in a 10-degree collapsed position. An internal locking mechanism makes it easy to set arrays from 0.25 to 10 degrees using selector pins. Enclosures can be finished in a variety of colors for fixed installs.

More details from Harman (www.harman.com) and JBL (www.jblpro.com/vtx-a12w):

Whether used in conjunction with the VTX A12 or by itself in its own configuration, the VTX A12W provides tour sound companies, theaters, houses of worship and live performance venues with additional flexibility to deliver unmatched performance and coverage.

"When we developed the VTX A Series, our goal was to create a line array system that would meet the most important needs of live sound professionals across our entire industry—from mid to large-size touring productions and high-end fixed installations,” said George Georgallis, Solutions Manager, Tour Audio & Performing Arts, Harman Professional Solutions. “The VTX A12W extends the promise of the VTX A Series by providing live sound professionals with even more versatility for applications requiring wide and balanced coverage.”

The VTX A12W features a 120-degree dispersion pattern, making it an excellent choice for applications where wide coverage is required. When used in the lower part of a line array in combination with VTX A12, the VTX A12W provides a wider pattern that helps balance coverage closer to the audience. Every component inside the VTX A12W loudspeaker leverages the advances introduced in the VTX A12 for linear performance, high output and consistent coverage. And like the VTX A12, the completely redesigned low-, mid- and high-frequency sections deliver the highest output per weight and improved low-frequency extension—but now with 120-degree directivity down to 250 Hz.

VTX A Series’ new high-frequency (HF) section features three uniquely designed drivers that combine the HF phasing-plug and waveguide into one part, which helps provide better tolerances and increased sensitivity, while reducing distortion and overall weight. Improving upon the patented JBL Radiation Boundary Integrator (RBI), the all-new RBI found in A Series loudspeakers combines four 5.5” mid-frequency drivers into the high-frequency waveguide—providing a smooth horn surface for the high-frequency section. A lightweight 12” neodymium low-frequency woofer (LF) features a 4th-generation Differential Drive design, with a new dual-voice coil, dual-magnet arrangement introduced with the VTX A12, which increases linear excursion, power handling and sensitivity.

VTX A Series marks a giant leap forward in how the loudspeakers are rigged and transported. To facilitate quicker deployment, array elements are stacked four per vertical transporter (VT) cart in a 10-degree collapsed position. A patented internal locking mechanism makes it easy to set arrays from 0.25 to 10 degrees using selector pins. Once the system is suspended, the mechanism automatically locks the cabinet angles at the designated positions. And both the VTX A12 and A12W feature a new full-face grill design that reduces the number of exposed components and protects the loudspeaker from extreme weather and road conditions. The enclosed grill helps the system achieve a higher Ingress Protection rating (IP55), and can be finished in a variety of colors to suit fixed install applications.


JBL VTX A12W will be available in December 2017. For more details, please visit www.jblpro.com/vtx-a12w.