VENUE 5.4 Upgrade for Avid S6L

by George Petersen
in New Gear
Version 5.4 Upgrade for Avid VENUE S6L
Version 5.4 Upgrade for Avid VENUE S6L

VENUE 5.4 software offers new capabilities to the S6L live console's Snapshot and Events architecture to streamline and accelerate programming of theater or complex live sound productions. These include new momentary (non-sequential) snapshots, snapshot groups, parent/child snapshots and now up to 96 aux sends can be added to the snapshot Scope. Sound designers and engineers now have greater flexibility to trigger events via external MIDI commands, LTC/MTC timecode values, the channel color and X&Y switches on the control surface, meter levels and more, making almost all parameters available as triggers and actions. Version 5.4 also lets users freely assign outputs between networked S6L systems sharing I/O, enabling engineers to assign Stage 64 outputs per output card instead of having to assign a Stage 64 entirely to one S6L system or another.

“These latest innovations to Avid’s VENUE Software are part of Avid’s commitment to providing the most advanced tools and workflow solutions for our esteemed community of live sound customers,” said Dana Ruzicka, Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Avid. “With Avid VENUE | S6L’s growing success in the theater market, Avid VENUE 5.4 Software gives sound engineers the speed, flexibility, and efficiency they need to support the biggest, most complex theater and other live sound productions worldwide.”

Avid VENUE | S6L is a fully modular, scalable live sound mixing system that delivers best-in-class functionality for a range of live sound mixing applications, including front-of-house, monitor, broadcast, theater, and more. Featuring modern, touchscreen workflows and the industry’s most advanced live sound engine, Avid VENUE | S6L offers unprecedented power to easily handle large, complex tours and events. With tight integration with industry-standard Pro Tools®, Avid VENUE | S6L functions as the perfect front-end to the MediaCentral Platform, the most fluid end-to-end media management and distribution platform in the industry.

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