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Tao Chicago Nightclub Installs K-array Firenze Series System

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• Created: February 20, 2019

CHICAGO – Tao Chicago opened last fall in a landmark building built in 1892 to serve as the Chicago Historical Society Building after the group’s original location burned in Chicago’s Great Fire of 1871. In recent decades, it’s been converted for a series of nightclubs. Like other Tao Group projects, the Chicago location makes use of K-array audio components.

More details from K-array (www.k-array.com):

The latest TAO Group project in Chicago follows its predecessors by implementing K-array to meet the many aesthetics, performance, reliability and sound quality requirements for its nightclub and restaurant.

To create a better experience for the clubgoers, a Firenze Series system was employed in the club to provide a powerful sound with high-definition in a compact design that integrated perfectly with the ornate decor.

The Chicago outpost of nightclub and restaurant hybrid TAO is housed in a landmarked Romanesque Revival building in Chicago. Designed by Rockwell Group, the space’s aesthetics reflect the theme of existing TAO locations with Asian-inspired décor.

The restaurant seats up to 300 diners and hosts a DJ booth while the 7,000-square-foot, 1,000-person capacity nightclub resides on the second floor and is equipped with two bars, a lounge area, dance floor and DJ booth.

Rockwell’s go-to AV consultant Anthem Sound Stage and Lighting selected K-array to meet the many aesthetics, performance, reliability and sound quality requirements presented by the clients.

A combination of Python-KP52 and Python-KP102 loudspeakers were integrated seamlessly in the main dining area paired with 6 Thunder-KMT18P 18” passive subwoofers driven by two Kommander-KA24 and two Kommander-KA84 amplifiers.

Tornado-KT2C and KT2 point sources were in abundance and installed throughout the room.

The DJ booth in the restaurant was equipped with one Dragon-KX12 driven by one Thunder-KMT18 I sub.

Anthem suggested to use a live sound system that was less aggressive than the other TAO locations for a better experience for the clubgoers, but yet still maintained a powerful sound with high-definition and TAO was moreover impressed with the high performance from its compact design that integrated perfectly.

For the main PA, 8 Firenze-KH7 loudspeakers were flown in each corner with 8 Dragon-KX12 point sources above the VIP tables. For the low end, 6 Mugello-KS5 subwoofers were dispersed around the room while 3 Firenze-KS8 subs were installed under the console at the DJ booth, which was equipped with 4 Dragon-KX12 units paired with 4 Thunder-KMT18 I subs.

TAO’s nightclub celebrated its opening weekend in late September with performances by several high-profile DJs, including DJ Ruckus and EDM superstar Deadmau5 leaving no room for error from the system. After a successful launch and continued satisfaction with the audio, the owners and Anthem are all happy with the system’s sound performance.

Audio Solution

  • 8x Firenze-KH7
  • 3x Firenze-KS8
  • 6x Mugello-KS5
  • 8x Python-KP52 I
  • 8x Python-KP102 I
  • 4x Tornado-KT2C
  • 4x Tornado-KT2
  • 18x Dragon-KX12
  • 15x Thunder-KMT18P
  • 2x Kommander-KA24
  • 4x Kommander-KA84


More photos of Tao Chicago nightclub:


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