International African Arts Festival

by FOH Staff
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The event ran from July 1-4.
The event ran from July 1-4.

Sound Co
All Mobile Productions

Commodore Barry Park
Brooklyn, NY


  • FOH Engineer: Gregg Mann
  • Monitor Engineer: Kwame Sha
  • Systems Engineer: Kwame Sha
  • Production Manager: Sandra Bell
  • Stage Techs: Kevin “Scooter Love” Banks, Kofi Sims, PJ Sims
  • Production Assistants: Kumar Goodwine-Kennedy, Saadiq Purvis, Roshaad Golson, Naqi Smith



  • Console: Midas M32
  • Speakers: 8 JBL 722s, 6 728 subs, 2 EAW JF200 (for center fills)
  • Amps: Crown XTi 6002, Crest
  • Processing: Midas M32 (onboard)
  • Power Distro: Motion Labs
  • Rigging: Global Truss/Clamps, CM shackles, Lift All Round slings, ATM Flyware


  • Speakers: 4 each: Yamaha SM12 & SM15 wedges; JBL M-Pro 415 w/ 418 sub (drum fill)
  • Amps: 5 QSC 3602’s
  • Mics: Shure BLX wireless, Shure; Sennheiser; Audix wired mics

Event Details

The International African Arts Festival, which took place at Brooklyn, NY’s Commodore Barry Park from July 1-4, featured acts including Fred Wesley and the New JBs and Tito Puente, Jr., among others.