Jon Bellion with Quinn XCII

by FOH Staff
in Showtime
The concert took place April 21.
The concert took place April 21.

Sound Co
Stewart Independent Production

Merillat Center, Adrian College
Adrian, MI


  • FOH Engineers: Josh Cohen​ (JB), Austin Lanning (SIP)
  • Monitor Engineer: Charlie Mammoser (SIP)
  • Systems Engineer: Austin Lanning (SIP)
  • Production Managers: Josh Cohen​ (JB), Pat Brown (Q), Dan DeVisser, Shannon Stewart (SIP)
  • Tour Managers: Brian Wilson, Jesse Coren
  • System Techs: Matt Dominguez



  • Console: (1) Avid Venue SC48
  • Speakers: (6) RCF TTL6A Large Format Line Source, (4) RCF TTS36A Arena Subwoofer, (4) RCF TT052A Front Fill
  • Amps: RCF Active
  • Processing: RCF Active RD NET
  • Plug-ins: Eventide, Focusrite, Waves
  • Power Distro: SIP 200A 3 Phase
  • Rigging: RCF, (2) RCF Fly Bars, (2) CM Lodestar 1 Ton
  • Breakout Assemblies: Whirlwind Powercon Systems
  • Snake Assemblies: Whirlwind Medusa Sub-snake Systems, 56 Channel W4 ISO-Splitter


  • Console: (1) Avid Venue SC48
  • Speakers: (7) RCF TT25-SMA Floor Monitors, (2) RCF TT22A-MK2 Point Source, (5) RCF TTS18A Subwoofer
  • Amps: RCF Active
  • Mics: Assorted dynamic and condenser plus (12) Units Sennheiser Stereo G3 IEM complete, (4) Shure ULXD/KSM8 complete
  • Power Distro: Whirlwind AC Distribution Systems