CRRC Plant Groundbreaking

by FOH Staff
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CRRC Plant Groundbreaking
CRRC Plant Groundbreaking

Sound Works Productions

CRRC Plant,
Chicago, IL


  • FOH Engineer: Matt McWilliams
  • Systems Engineer: Steve Blaski
  • System Tech: Brian Rutter



  • Console: Midas M32R
  • Speakers: JBL VRX
  • Amps: QSC
  • Processing: Lake
  • Power Distro: Entertainment Metals
  • Snake Assemblies: Entertainment Rentals
  • Rigging: CM


  • Speakers: EAW SM200
  • Mics: Shure UR4D
  • Amps: QSC

Event Details

CRRC (China Railway Rolling Stock Corp.) held a grand opening ceremony March 16 for a manufacturing plant in southeast Chicago that is due to begin producing rail cars starting in late 2018. Spurred by an initial order for 400 cars by Chicato’s CTA, it will be the first rail car manufacturing to take place in the city since the closure of a nearby Pullman plant in 1981.