Secret Solstice

by FOH Staff
in Showtime
Secret Solstice 2016 photo courtesy Harman
Secret Solstice 2016 photo courtesy Harman

ID Electronic/HljóðX

Laugardalur Park,
Reykjavík, Iceland


  • FOH Engineers: Various
  • Monitor Engineers: Various
  • ID Electronic Manager: Ingó Arnarson
  • Harman Tour Sound Engineer: Ed Jackson




  • Soundcraft Vi6, Vi1, Si consoles (for multiple stages)


  • 40       JBL VTX V25
  • 8          JBL VTX V20
  • 16       JBL VerTec VT4886
  • 12       JBL VRX932LA
  • 24       JBL VTX V28 subs
  • 6          JBL VTX G28
  • 6          JBL CSR82L


  • 24       Crown I-Tech IT3500HD
  • 24       Crown IT12000HD.

Event Details:

Last summer’s Secret Solstice festival took place over the summer solstice weekend in Reykjavík, Iceland, accompanied by 72 hours of continuous daylight. Festival organizers turned to ID Electronic and its event partner, Hljodx, who deployed numerous audio and lighting components from Harman Professional. Some 17,000 attended, with featured artists including Radiohead, among others. And with Foo Fighters, The Prodigy, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Chaka Khan and Richard Ashcroft in the lineup (plus side events in a Lava Tunnel, on a boat and inside a glacier), the crowds are expected to return for this year’s event, set for June 16-18.