Oregon State Fair

by FOH Staff
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Oregon State Fair
Oregon State Fair

Sound Co
Cascade Sound & Stage Lighting Inc.

L.B. Day Amphitheatre,
Salem, OR


  • FOH Engineer: Jeff Cox
  • Monitor Engineer: Louis Donlon
  • Production Manager: Brady Carroll
  • FOH System Techs: Derek O’Neill, Trevor Moser


FOH System

  • Console: Avid VENUE D-Show
  • Main Speakers: (24) E-V XLC, (16) XDS Subs, (8) XB
  • Amps: QSC

MON System

  • Console: Yamaha PM-5D
  • Speakers: (16) E-V XW-15
  • Amps: QSC

Event Details: An outdoor concert venue in Salem, OR, the L. B. Day Amphitheatre is on the Oregon State Fairgrounds site. Built in 1987, it was expanded to 14,000 seats in 1991 and hosts outside concerts by national artists during months when the fair is not operating.