#8 Garth Brooks

by FOH Staff
in Showtime
Garth Brooks at Yankee Stadium. Photo by Todd Kaplan
Garth Brooks at Yankee Stadium. Photo by Todd Kaplan

2016 World Tour with Trisha Yearwood

Sound Co
Clair Global

Audio Crew

  • FOH Engineer: Dan Heins
  • Monitor Engineer: Martin Santos
  • System Engineers: Pat O’Neill/Rob Rankin
  • Monitor Tech: Kevin Kapler

P.A. System

  • Main: Clair Solutions i218-M, i218-LT, i212-M modules
  • Subs: (30) Clair Solutions iS218-M; (16) Clair Solutions CS218-M
  • Rear Hangs: Clair Solutions 12xi212-M’s
  • Amps: Lab.gruppen PLM20000
  • System Processing: Lake

FOH Gear

  • Console: Yamaha PM10
  • Outboard: API 2500 stereo compressor; SPL Transient Designer 4; SPL de-esser; TC Electronic TC6000 reverb
  • System Software: Smaart Live
  • Recording DAW: AVID Pro Tools HD11

Monitor Gear

  • Console: DiGiCo SD7
  • Wedges: Clair CM22’s, Clair CO-8 sidefills
  • Amps: Lab.gruppen PLM20000
  • Wireless: Shure Axient
  • IEMs: Shure PSM 900’s with Jerry Harvey Audio earpieces
  • Vocal Mics: Crown CM311 (Garth); Shure SM58 wireless head (Trisha Yearwood); Shure KSM 9’s (BG singers).