SubOctave Music Festival

by FOH Staff
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SubOctave Music Festival
SubOctave Music Festival

Sound Co
Jem Productions

Outback Ranch,
Houston, MN


  • FOH Engineers: Joe Ellis, Ben Lindt
  • Monitor Engineers: David Rusch, Jacob Lenninger
  • Systems Engineer: Joe Ellis


FOH System

  • Consoles: Avid Profile (Resonant Stage); Soundcraft Si Expression 3 (Lunar Stage)
  • Main Speakers: (16) RCF HDL50-A with (12) RCF SUB9007-AS (Resonant Stage); (6) RCF HDL20-A with (6) dB Technologies DVA-S30N (Lunar Stage)
  • Power Distro: Proprietary

MON System

  • Console: Avid Profile (Resonant Stage)

Event Details

SubOctave is a three-day music and camping festival in Houston, MN that brings electronic music, dance, art and fun-filled activities together in an atmosphere that inspires transformational thought and creativity for all. The goal is to provide an experience that opens minds and lifts the spirit.