Petaluma Music Festival

by FOH Staff
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Petaluma Music Festival
Petaluma Music Festival

Sound Co
Canaan Sound & Light

Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds,
Petaluma, CA


  • FOH Engineer: Ira Skinner
  • Monitor Engineer: Josh Heinze
  • Systems Engineer: Keith Erickson
  • Production Manager: Jon Canaan
  • FOH System Tech: Josh Rosato


FOH System

  • Console: Midas PRO2
  • Main Speakers: JBL VTX V20
  • Amplifiers: Crown I-Tech HD
  • Drive Processing: dbx Driverack 4820
  • Power Distro: Whirlwind

MON System

  • Speakers: JBL SRX, VRX
  • Amps: QSC PLD 4.5

Event Details
Held as an annual fundraiser to support music programs in the city of Petaluma’s elementary and high schools, the festival is a single-day event featuring 14 bands on three stages.