Soul of Brooklyn Festival

by FOH Staff
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Soul of Brooklyn Festival
Soul of Brooklyn Festival

Sound Co
All Mobile Productions

Fort Green Park, Brooklyn, NY


  • FOH Engineer: Kwame Sha
  • Systems Engineer: Kwame Sha
  • Production Manager: Allison Davis
  • FOH System Techs: Tim Smith
  • Stage Techs: Akuei Henderson Amare, Naqi Smith


FOH System

  • Console: Midas M32
  • Main Speakers: (2) JBL Concert 4873; (2) Cerwin-Vega JE36 subs
  • Amps: QSC GX3, GX5, PLX3602s
  • Power Distro: Custom

MON System

  • Console: Midas M32
  • Speakers: (6) Yamaha SM12Vs; (3) Yamaha SM15Vs
  • Mics: Audix; Shure; Sennheiser; E-V; Sterling Audio

Event Details
The 7th annual MoCADA Soul of Brooklyn Festival featured live music, arts workshops, performances and other events promoting African diasporan culture and supporting local arts organizations and black businesses.