Kenny Chesney

by FOH Staff
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Kenny Chesney ‘Spread the Love’ Tour Photo by Todd Kaplan
Kenny Chesney ‘Spread the Love’ Tour Photo by Todd Kaplan

Sound Co

MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ


  • FOH Engineer: Tim Holder
  • Monitor Engineers: Bryan “Opie” Baxley, Phill “Sidephill” Robinson
  • Systems Engineer: Chris “Sully” Sullivan
  • Production Manager: Ed Wannebo
  • Stage Manager: Tom Nisun
  • Prod. Office Mgr/Asst Prod. Mgr: Jill Trunnell
  • Stage Patch: Rich Rossey
  • FOH Techs: Justin Meeks, Phil Spina, Carl Schmidt, Annie Hallquist, Tanner Freese


FOH System

  • Console: SSL L500 Plus
  • Outboard: (4) Empirical Labs Distressors, (4) Bricasti M7
  • Main Hang: (44) Nexo STM M46, (44) STM B112, (6) STM M28
  • Aux Hang: (36) STM M46, (36) STM B112, (6) STM M28
  • 270° Hang & Delays: (24) STM M28, (36) STM M28
  • Subs: (32) RS18 (ground); (48) STM S118 (flown)
  • Front Fills: (12) PS10-R2

MON System

  • Console: (2) Midas ProX
  • Speakers: Nexo 45N12
  • IEMs: Shure PSM1000
  • Mics: Shure, Earthworks, Telefunken, Sennheiser, Beyer
  • Wireless: Shure AXT400 Axient, KSM9HS capsules

Event Details
Chesney’s 2016 “Spread the Love” tour’s return to MetLife Stadium Saturday, August 20, 2016, marked Chesney’s fifth appearance at the venue since the stadium opened in 2010.