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New Gear

NSCA: Boring or Boutiful?

FOH Staff •
  • New Gear
• April 11, 2007
It would be easy to write NSCA off as a place for straight install guys to get the latest scoop on security systems and outdoor speakers built to look like rocks. Easy, but a mistake. While the show floor itself could have been more active (at times it seemed like green “Exhibitor” badges outnumbered all others combined by a ratio of about three-toone), the educational and training sessions were, by all reports, full, and the demo rooms were humming pretty much continuously. Let’s take a look at what was new starting — in a novel switch from how we usually do things — in the middle of the signal chain. Read More...

Crown Audio Xti4000, Presonus Digimax FS and AKG Perception 200 Condenser Mic

FOH Staff •
  • New Gear
• March 15, 2007
Crown Audio Xti4000

By Mark Amundson

Put yourself into Crown Audio's product managers' shoes: You have the renowned touring audio power amplifier line called the I-Tech, and you have the task to create a smaller mass music market version that sells for a competitive price but still has the features and power ratings this market wants. In this pursuit, I believe Crown has succeeded very well with the XTi line of amplifiers. Read More...

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