What's New at AES

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What's New at AES 2017
What's New at AES 2017

A squint just getting off the bus into Audio Land might think that, with its 143rd International Convention set for Oct. 18-20 (with additional seminars Oct. 21), the Audio Engineering Society is continuing a proud tradition that got its start in the early 1870’s. But the first exhibitors weren’t limited to ear trumpets, megaphones and cups and string. AES first formed in Feb. 1948.

Along with its ability to pack more than 140 conventions into less than a 70-year span, AES has packed its show with something for just about anyone involved in the sound biz, whether they are primarily interested in broadcast and streaming, networked audio, audio for virtual and augmented reality, studio recording, home recording, music production, game audio, sound for picture or product development — and, of course, live sound reinforcement. Here is just a sampling of some of the products that will be featured at the show.

Featured Product:

  • Konig & Meyer: Various stands available in white.

More Products:

  • d&b audiotechnik NoizCalc*
  • DiGiCo S-Series Preamp Expansion Card
  • DirectOut EXBOX.MD
  • Earthworks DrumMics
  • Hear Technologies HB PRO Updates
  • Latch Lake iOxmount
  • Lawo LIME
  • Neutrik Cat-6x Cable Coupler
  • Nexo ID24
  • Radial Ships Dante Direct Boxes
  • Rat SuperCAT Cat-5A Cables
  • Soundcraft Vi1000 Digital Console
  • Whirlwind Qbox Line Tester

To download a PDF, CLICK HERE.

*Pictured is d&b's ArrayCalc software. An image relating to NoizCalc appears below:

NoizCalc software screen shot