Everfree Northwest 2017

by FOH staff
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Everfree Northwest 2017
Everfree Northwest 2017

Sound Co

DoubleTree Hotel, Seattle Airport


  • FOH Engineer: Larscis de’Medici
  • Monitor Engineer: Claire Medeiros
  • Systems Engineer: Callum MacVean
  • Production Manager: David Camp
  • FOH System Techs: Shane Wesbrook, James Placzek


FOH System

  • Console: Yamaha CL5
  • Main Speakers: (4) JBL SRX 725, (4) JBL SRX728S
  • Amps: (3) Crown I-Tech HD
  • Snake Assemblies: Rio3224-D Digital Stage Box

MON System

  • Speakers: (4) JBL STX812M

Event Details

Now in its sixth year, Everfree Northwest 2017 is an annual convention of My Little Pony fans, with three days of events.