Mid-Market Digital Consoles

in Buyer's Guides

For a PDF of the Feb. 2009 FOH Buyers Guide. CLICK HERE . 

Mid-line live production digital audio consoles. Remember just a few years ago when such a thing just didn’t exist? You either had $100K+ to spend or you could get toy from an MI mfg and pretend. (Hey, I actually did GIGS with one of those. OK I did ONE gig. One.) 

As prices fell and consoles got smaller and more powerful, about a year ago we did one of our Buyers Guides and put in a price limit of, I think, $60K and set off a firestorm of protest from the folks who didn’t make anything for less than $60K. So this time around we have raised the limit a bit to be a bit more inclusive.

Besides, the median price was going down until a few really pricey desks hit the market and drove that midpoint up. No doubt you can a get digital console that will do everything but the dishes for a lot less than 80 large, but if you want to play with the big boys and have something that makes it onto touring riders you are probably looking at that $60-$80K range. 

So consider this a compromise. If you have FU money you can get the $300K unit that is lusted after by money. If you are a smaller fish, you can likely get everything you really need in the $30K range. If you want to meet those riders? Check out the choices below.