Large-Format Line Arrays

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OK, you have been reading these things for a while, so you know the drill. Chart comparing a bunch of line array boxes is on the following two pages. A couple of notes… First, remember that manufacturers provide this info. We do our level best to make sure that everyone provides info in a consistent manner, so it is an apples-to-apples comparison. We do not always succeed, but it should at least be fruit to fruit and not apples to doughnuts, if you know what I mean.

VTC Pro Audio EL210T
Second, there are some companies that probably should be included, but are not. Chief among these is d&b. Because d&b makes a turnkey system, they won’t list a per-box price and that means we can’t include them in the chart. Go to for info on their systems. The other folks not listed just didn’t get us their info.

Last thing. “Large format” is a subjective term, and we allow gear makers to decide what that means in their particular product line. So, the chart includes what each manufacturer considers as THEIR large-format array. OK? Now stop wasting time and get to the good stuff on the next page. 

Companies featured in this month’s Large-Format Line Arrays Buyers Guide:

Adamson Systems Engineering
Grundorf Corporation
ISP Technologies
JBL Professional
Martin Audio
McCauley Sound Inc.
Meyer Sound Laboratories
Professional Audio Systems
QSC Audio Products, Inc.
Renkus-Heinz, Inc.
Sound Bridge Acoustic Labs
WorxAudio Technologies, Inc.
Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc.
Yorkville Sound

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