DSP Amps: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

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It has become the standard thing, but it was only about a decade ago that the case that held crossovers, EQ, system level compressors and delay and was known as a drive rack got combined into one digital beast and shrunk into a couple of rack spaces.


Back up a bit and some of us remember amp companies, including QSC and Crown, with optional cards or modules that performed some of these functions right at the amp.

Some of those modules are still out there, but they are all DSP-driven now, and other amp makers have partnered with processor people to include all of those functions in the amp. Here are some of the options if you want to stop carrying around that rack of drive gear.

The following manufacturers are listed in this month's Buyers Guide featuring DSP Amps:  

Ashly Audio
Crest Audio
Crown International
KSC Industries
Powersoft Advanced Technologies
Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems

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