Power Distros

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Stop and think about it — given all of the nightmares that can happen on a typical audio gig, it is astounding that so many revolve around insufficient, inconsistent or just plain crappy power. And as the Digital Revolution marches on, it becomes even more crucial when you remember that an old analog console will handle inconsistent power levels a lot better than that shiny new digital board.

Given its importance, it is shocking (pun intended) how many small sound providers skimp when it comes to power distribution. I literally judge the potential of a small company as much by how they choose to handle power as I do by their speaker and console inventory.

When it comes to power distros, the only rule is this: Find the best one you think you can afford then go up one level and figure out how to buy that one. The following chart offers plenty of info on units in a variety of price ranges. Go get juiced…

The following manufacturers are listing in this month's Buyers Guide: 

AC Power Distribution
Applied Electronics
Equi=Tech Corp.
INDU-Electric North
Lex Products                                                                                                                                                                        Mole-Richardson Company
Motion Laboratories
Ramtech Industries

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