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Stage Research RF Guru Wireless Microphone Application

by FOH Staff • in
  • New Gear
• Created: October 9, 2009

Stage Research’s RF Guru is a tool for finding the optimum combination of wireless microphone frequencies to be used at a venue and alleviate intermod (i.e., interference) problems.  It calculates based on existing microphones, area TV stations, user-entered known bad frequencies and mic data from nearby neighboring venues. The tool has two key features.  It informs wireless mic users setting up their systems of the maximum possible optimum frequencies they can safely use without interference, and it tells those with an existing wireless mic setup of any problems that might lead to intermod.  When users give RF Guru their location, it will take into account local TV signals

Using the editable catalog of frequency manufacturers, RF Guru permits users to build a system of available frequencies for a specific wireless system then run it through the RF Maximizer, which narrows down the frequencies to the most they can use at any one time with no intermod problems.  Included in RF Guru is the FCC database of TV antennas that can be added to the test to eliminate problems associated with TV frequencies.
For users building a tour, RF Guru can maintain a route of venues, including TV data based on the zip code for each tour stop.

If users find themselves tapped out on good frequencies but still need more, RF Guru can help pick out the least bad frequency from the bad frequencies that can be used and it’ll show you what frequencies to stay away from,” adds Guc. RF Guru also maintains a library of common wireless manufacturers and equipment and allows users to print out a report or customized labels with frequencies, actors, character names or more.

RF Guru will sell for $159 with an introductory offer for October only of $59.

For more information, please visit  www.StageResearch.com.

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