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Ashly Audio Update for Protea Network-Enabled Software

by FOH Staff • in
  • New Gear
• Created: November 26, 2018
Protea Software Suite

Ashly Audio has released an extensive update to its Protea Network-Enabled Software, marking the culmination of three months of improvements to the performance of networked devices utilizing the Ashly Protea Software Suite. Major changes to the software since July include further clarity into functions and statuses, more accurate reporting within the UI and fixes to errors identified within the system.

More details from Ashly Audio (www.ashly.com):

“The new 5.49 version of the Protea Network-Enabled Software provides a number of stability and quality-of-life features for those using networked devices in their workflows,” said Noel Larson, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Ashly Audio. “We’re working to be both proactive in improving the experience of using the Ashly Protea Software Suite while also listening to the community that relies on the product. Our updates reflect our commitment to continuously improving customer experience with our products.”

All of Ashly Audio’s software is designed with the goal to be intuitive and usable without the need for week-long training courses. Common sense layouts of controls and features are considered paramount in the design.

Protea is designed for the NX, Pema, and NE Series Amplifiers and Processors as well as, ne24.24M Matrix Processor and Protea System Processors.

To download the software and review the complete list of changes, visit www.ashly.com/software
Further information from Ashly Audio: www.ashly.com

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