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NBCC Easter Service

by FOH Staff • in
  • June 2018
  • Showtime
• Created: June 6, 2018

Sound Co

Blue Seven Audio


Flint Center, De Anza College

Cupertino, CA



FOH Engineer: Christopher Scott Cooper

Systems Engineer: Flint Center/Chris Cooper

Production Manager: Lance Laskey

System Tech: Mike Kelley




Console: Yamaha QL5

Speakers: JBL 4889 VerTec line arrays



Speakers/IEMs: Shure PSM 900 Wireless, Westone E4 IEMs, Allen & Heath MEU-1

Mics: Audio Technica, Audix, Shure, Shure wireless


Event Details

The Easter celebration took place within the 2,400-capacity main theater that is part of the Flint Center for the Performing Arts, the main performance venue at De Anza College, a community college established in 1967 on the site of the former Beaulieu Winery in Cupertino, CA. The Easter Sunday celebration was a contemporary service incorporating pop and Gospel music, dance, spoken word, visual media and more, along with a sermon delivered by Pastor Hurmon Hamilton.

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