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by FOH Staff • in
  • November 2018
  • Showtime
• Created: November 14, 2018

Sound Co

Metro Multimedia


NJ Convention and Exposition Center

Edison, NJ


FOH Engineer: John Silverman

Monitor Engineer: Jimmy Cardinale

Systems Engineer: Nick Cornwell

Production Manager: Josh Parrish

System Techs: Eric Nickl and Will Senedzuk



Console: Yamaha M7CL

Speakers: 24X JBL VTX V20 and 6X VTX S25 subs

Amps: 4X Vrack driven by 3 crown 4×3500 amps each

Processing: Hiqnet and amplifier presets

Rigging: Single CM 1 ton motor per left/right. Single CM 1/2 ton for four delays

Breakout Assemblies: Whirlwind


Console: Soundcraft SI3

Speakers: 9 JBL PRX 715

Amps: Powered speakers

Processing: DBX Driverack 260

Mics: Assorted Sennheiser – 602II, 914, 906 and others.

Power Distro: Motionlabs

Event Details:

The Navratri Garba Mahotsav staged in Edison, NJ Oct. 5-6 was a Hindu festival staged during the Tamil month of Purattasi, from Sept. 17-Oct. 17. The festivities typically include decorations, spoken-word recitations of the legends, re-enactments of the stories, scriptural chanting and Garba dancing.

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