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Drake & Migos

by FOH Staff • in
  • January 2019
  • Showtime
• Created: January 15, 2019

Adamson speakers were hung over the corners of the four-sided main stage. Photo by Theo Skudra


“Aubrey & the Three Migos” Tour

Sound Co

Eighth Day Sound



FOH Engineer: Demetrius Moore

Monitor Engineer: Sean Sturge

Systems Engineer: Chris Fischer

System Techs: Joey Armada, Chan Howard, Charlie Southward, Nathiel Stutz, Sean Tingle

Monitor Tech: Noah Gary




Main Hangs: (18) Adamson E15 (one at each corner of stage)

Side Hangs: (4) Adamson S10n, (12) Adamson S10; (one at each corner of stage)

270° Hangs: (15) Adamson E15, (4) Adamson S10; (one at each corner of stage)

Subwoofers: (9) Adamson E119 subwoofers, in eight arrays flown around stage

Front Fills: (10) Adamson IS7p

Amplifiers: (69) Lab.gruppen PLM 20K44’s

Drive Processing: (3) Lake LM44



FOH Console: (Drake) — DiGiCo SD7 Console; (3) DiGiCo 192k SD-Racks

Outboard: Avalon VT-737sp; dbx 120a subharmonic synth; Ableton Live (for FX w/UAD plug-ins)

FOH Console: (Migos & Roy Woods) — DiGiCo SD12; DiGiCo 192k SD-Rack

Outboard: Waves plug-ins



Monitor Console: DiGiCo SD5

Speakers: d&b audiotechnik J8, B22

Amps: d&b audiotechnik

Outboard: (2) Waves SoundGrid Servers; Rosendahl Mif4 MIDI Time Code interface

Hardwired Mics: Sennheiser, Shure, Radial SW8

Vocal Mic (Drake): Sennheiser System 9000 Digital Wireless SKM 9000 handheld with MD 9235 capsule

IEM Hardware: Sennheiser Evolution Wireless G4 (12 channels)


Tour Notes:

The “Aubrey & the Three Migos” tour featured Canadian rapper Drake with Georgia-based hip hop trio Migos, and their tour ran from Aug. 12 to Nov. 18. By Oct. 31, the end of Billboard’s chart year, there had been 44 shows, with more than 693,000 ticket holders spending $81.4 million.

For more about this tour, go to http://fohonline.com/articles/production-profile/drake-migos-aubrey-the-three-migos-tour/

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