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Hello, Goodbye…

by George Petersen • in
  • August 2018
  • Editor's Note
• Created: August 14, 2018

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about life, it’s the realization that change is inevitable. This applies to all facets of existence, whether it’s politics, sports team “dynasties” and technology on all levels. If you need positive proof, just search out for one of several (very funny) viral videos of kids trying —unsuccessfully — to make a call using a rotary telephone.

There’s nothing new about this concept. In the 5th century BC, ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus was quoted by Plato as saying that everything changes and nothing stands still — and the same applies today. Although somehow I doubt whether either of them could use a rotary phone, much less load a show file into an Avid Profile.

In the sound reinforcement industry, we’ve become accustomed to dealing with every aspect of change. This may come in the form of something supposedly “trivial” as upgrading the operating system on a laptop, smart phone or tablet, which can shake the foundation of every application installed on the device. Yet occasionally that same action simply adds a number of bug fixes and makes life more pleasant. Of course, when everything you get is “off the rider,” we figure out a way to make it work. After all, the show must go on.

‡‡         Changing Times

A couple weeks ago, I got a call from my friend and longtime FRONT of HOUSE columnist David Morgan, who told me he wanted to give up on his monthly writings. I wasn’t entirely shocked by this, and given the constant pressure put on him as a FOH engineer for international tours, I was often surprised that he could consistently deliver great columns over the years. He did, however want to say goodbye to his many readers and fans:

At this particular stage in my career I have decided to step away from my position as a monthly contributor to FRONT of HOUSE magazine. After 7 ½ years of making deadlines while on the road, it has become more difficult with each passing month to devote adequate time to composing the articles for the On the Digital Edge column. My duties as a fulltime FOH engineer must always be given first priority and, at this point, I find that I need to exclusively focus my attention on both old and new clients.

In August, I begin a new and exciting chapter in my professional life as I move into the FOH mixer role for Fleetwood Mac. Two months of rehearsal in Los Angeles will be followed by an extensive USA/world tour. Taking on this new project, along with my current commitment to James Taylor, will stretch my available time to its absolute limit.

I want to humbly and heartily thank all the readers, my editor and friend, George Petersen, and publisher Terry Lowe for making it possible to share my thoughts and experiences throughout the years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure as a regular contributor to FRONT of HOUSE and I am proud to have been a part of a truly excellent writing staff. I am hoping to still contribute one or two articles per year to our live audio community. Look for something in the fall as I get things up and going on the road with my new touring account.

Goodbye for now and, as always…
Safe Travels!

—David Morgan

‡‡         The Future?

The good thing is that David will be back on an occasional basis and we look forward to having his words grace this magazine in future issues. The “On the Digital Edge” column will continue, with our own Steve “Woody” La Cerra stepping into the slot. Like David Morgan, I have been friends with Steve for more than 25 years, and his awesome chops as a FOH engineer, tour manager, college instructor — and even drummer — will fit the bill nicely. Ironically, Mr. La Cerra used to helm that space in the early days of FRONT of HOUSE, back when the column was called “On the Bleeding Edge.” So even though you never left, it’s welcome back, Woody!

Something else that’s different for this issue is a new monthly feature called “Power Tools,” which provides insider tips and tricks focusing on a different specific product each month. The first “Power Tools” piece is on advanced techniques for using the PreSonus StudioLive III digital console. Each “Power Tools” will be written by a product specialist from that company, since they intimately know all the functions of their gear. The articles will be informative, but not promotional, with an emphasis is on educating users. We think you’ll like this.

‡‡         Get Out and Vote!

Parnelli Award season is already upon us, and we are now seeking reader nominations on selections for our Hometown Hero Awards, to honor the best regional sound companies in North America. So get involved! And it’s easy — just go to www.fohonline.com/hometown-nominations and enter your choices.

To see George Petersen’s video introduction to the August 2018 issue of FRONT of HOUSE magazine, CLICK HERE

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